Many homeowners assume that when a device is not in use, it’s not using up power. That is not the case. If an electrical device, or even just a cord, is plugged in, it will continue to draw energy from the power source, which means it will continue to drain money from your bank account. Your electrician refers to this phenomenon as a “vampire draw.”

Though the energy use of an unused but plugged-in electrical device is minimal, experts estimate that an appliance that constantly draws one watt of electricity can add an additional $1 to your electricity bill per year. When you take into consideration the fact that most household appliances suck up far more than a single watt — and when you account for ALL the plugged-in devices in your home — the costs can quickly add up. It is estimated that the monetary loss is between $100 to $200 a year, which is an entire month’s bill for many households.

The fix? According to your local electrician, unplug what you can when you’re not using the device.