For many homeowners, instruction manuals are mostly pieces of paper you keep around for the warranty information. Few people take the time to flip through them. If this is the case, don’t worry; we’re guilty of the same thing. When it comes to electrical safety tips, however, it’s always worth your time to check out the instruction manual:

  • Power cord: Never disconnect your TV by tugging on the cord. Instead, grab the power plug.
  • Candles and direct sunlight: It’s best to keep your electronics away from heat. If you have a flat-screen TV above a console table, don’t put candles underneath it.
  • Ventilation slots: Don’t use ventilation slots to hold decorations. They need to stay free so they keep the TV cool.
  • Liquids: Liquids and electronics don’t mix. Avoid putting filled vases or beverages on the same surface as a TV or laptop.

Read the owner’s manual for your specific device to find out other safety tips. This can help your TV last longer and perform better. It also keeps your whole family safe.