Generators are often used to power construction sites, provide backup electricity to hospitals and other essential facilities, and to bring power to outbuildings that aren’t wired directly into the grid. In recent years, home generators are also becoming more popular to keep residential homes up and running during blackouts, storms, and other instances of power loss.

Generator Placement

Before you choose a generator, you will want to make sure that you know where it will typically be used. Generator basics put safety as the priority, so you will want an outdoor space that is away from doors and windows to make sure that the air in your home remains clean. Using or creating a raised platform that allows for good airflow for cooling and would keep it safe in the event of flooding is a good idea, as well.

Choosing the Right Model

Once you have located the perfect space to use your generator, the next step is to choose the model you need. It will help to consider what appliances and other electrical devices you will be powering and calculate your power needs and then select a model that will offer a bit more than that minimum number.

Another factor to consider when selecting your generator is the amount of maintenance required during usage. Different models have different requirements, and by making the right choice you can stay in the house, safe and dry, instead of standing out in a storm to change a filter or add oil or gas to a portable generator.

Safely Using Your Generator

Be sure to plug your appliances directly into the generator unless you have had your unit professionally wired to a circuit breaker in your home. Avoid fire hazards by allowing the engine to cool before adding fuel to a portable generator whenever possible. If you must add flammable gas to a hot unit, take extra care to avoid spilling it onto the motor or exhaust systems.

Homes with generators are safer, more relaxing places to be during storms or power outages. With a generator, you’ll always have the most important comforts of home, no matter what heads your way.