Kids and technology go together like peanut butter and jelly. However, it’s always a good idea to teach your little ones basic electrical safety tips when it comes to modern tech:

  • The toaster: Show your kids the proper way to operate the toaster. It’s important not to plug a toaster into the same outlet as your coffee machine, for example.
  • Bath time:Make sure kids know that water and electricity don’t mix. Show them that they should never charge a smartphone if they’re still wet.
  • Power strips: School-age kids need to know that it’s important to limit the amount of devices plugged into a power strip.
  • Electrical cords: Teach kids what to do if they notice a power cord looks damaged. The correct answer is to avoid touching it and call mom or dad.

Even kindergarten-age kids love to check out the latest cartoons and videos, play video games and use the computer. By taking the time to talk, they can have a blast while staying safe.