There are probably power lines around your home or other places you visit. You may think these wires are insulated, protecting you from shock or electrocution upon contact. However, a skilled electrician knows that this isn’t the case.

The Truth About Power Lines

Overhead power lines ordinarily don’t pose a danger to people — not because touching them couldn’t harm you but because they’re high enough above the ground to stay out of reach. If lines fall, they become a hazard and require a professional to clean up. There may be some weather coating on these lines, but if you touch them and the ground simultaneously, you’ll complete the circuit.

Exercising Caution

Be careful when you’re on your roof or trimming trees. Close-to-home power lines may have some insulation, but it will wear away over time. Call an electrician before coming into contact with these lines.

Pay attention to these facts about power lines. It’s never safe to touch them.