One of a home’s biggest expenses is energy bills. Heating and cooling a house can cause utility bills to rise during the hottest and coldest days. Use a few of these simple tips and see lower utility costs.

Natural Warmth

The sun can help warm your home during cold winter days. Simply open the blinds or curtains and allow the sunshine to stream inside. Keep the warmth inside by keep window coverings closed when no sun shines on that side of the house.

Energy Escape

Exhaust fans help take out unwanted smells and moisture. Remember to turn them off to avoid losing precious heating and air conditioning. The system works harder to keep your home comfortable, so remember to turn fans off after 15 minutes.

New Equipment

At some point, you need to retire inefficient, older heating or cooling units. These units sap energy because they work significantly harder than newer, efficient ones. Make sure you purchase an air conditioner unit that uses R410A. The new refrigerant is environmentally friendly and helps lower utility costs.

Block Heat

Using natural warmth in the wintertime is great, but it makes your AC work twice as hard in the summer months. Instead, opt for shades, blinds and curtains to block the outside warmth from entering your cool home. Your AC won’t run as often, thus saving you money because the unit can be more efficient.

Airtight Home

An airtight home doesn’t allow air in or out unless you want it to – such as through an open window. Go around the home looking for air leaks around doors, windows, fireplaces and vents. Seal these with new weatherstripping and caulking.

Clean System

A clean AC system runs more efficiently using less energy. Not to mention that changing air filters and cleaning the outdoor unit keeps the inside air clean and promoting easier breathing.

Thermostat Upgrade

The thermostat controls the temperature in the home. New programmable thermostats can help you keep your home temperature comfortable when you’re there but lowers it when you’re not. Using these thermostats helps the unit run less often when no one is home.

Older homes may also find they need additional insulation to maintain the indoor air temperature and lower utility costs. These are a few simple ways to save money and keep your AC unit in great shape all year long.