Did you know that many light fixtures have a wattage rating? Most people don’t, so it can come as a surprise that there’s electrical safety tips for how many watts you should use. The good news is that modern LED bulbs keep watts pretty low to begin with, so you can sleep safe and sound. Another advantage of choosing LED bulbs is that you save a lot on energy costs.

How To Find Out the Right Wattage for Light Fixtures

To find out the maximum wattage allowed in a light fixture, check the sticker placed inside. If it says “60 watts,” purchase a bulb that is 60 watts or less. It’s totally OK to use a 25-watt bulb in a light fixture rated for 60 watts max. In fact, when it doubt, try to opt for 25 watts every time. If you’re shopping for a chandelier with lots of lights, look for a total wattage rating, and keep your total underneath that.