If there’s one constant for little kids, it’s that they like to explore. Their curious nature is an important part of discovering the world around them, but it also keeps parents on their toes. Here are a few electrical safety tips to make sure your kids and pets can safely explore to their hearts’ content:

  • Regularly check power cords for signs of damage.
  • Replace any damaged, cracked or frayed cords.
  • Invest in the best power cords.
  • Don’t put furniture legs on top of power cords.
  • Don’t run cords underneath rugs.
  • Avoid using extensions cords as much as possible.

When choosing a cord, it makes sense to invest in the best durability and quality. It’s good to remember that extension cords are really only designed for temporary use. Once you’re finished with a DIY project, roll up any cords and store them safely. If you notice you need another outlet to power devices, the solution is to call a pro to install a few more outlets where you want them.