Electricity provides your home with a range of modern conveniences. However, an issue with your electric system is not only inconvenient but potentially dangerous. Enjoy all your latest technology and elegant lighting by having a professional resolve these top five electrical issues.

1. Overloaded Circuits

Has your circuit breaker tripped recently? A breaker trips when the electrical usage is too high for a specific outlet or row of outlets in a particular room. If you frequently trip breakers in your home, it may be a sign that your circuit breakers are overloaded.

2. Faulty Light Switches

Keep your room well lit and comfortable by restoring all your light switches. A light switch that doesn’t work may be a sign of a burned-out light bulb, but it could also be caused by a damaged switch or faulty wiring. Thankfully, a professional electrician can make quick work of this common issue.

3. Expensive Electrical Bill

A spike in your electricity bill may be a sign of a number of home issues. From a leaking hot water line to inefficient lighting, ask a professional to root out the problem in your home’s electrical expenses. A common solution is replacing your light bulbs with energy-efficient LED alternatives.

4. Frequent Light Bulb Burn Outs

Every light bulb has a limited lifetime. However, when you lose one light bulb after another in the same fixture, there’s a deeper issue that needs to be solved. Check the wattage of your replacement bulb to see if it matches your fixture. If so, have a licensed electrician check out your wiring, any dimmer switches and any insulation issue.

5. Dim or Bright Lighting

Do you find yourself squinting throughout the day from high or low lighting situations? Adjust your lighting by swapping out bulbs, having an electrician install a dimmer switch or upgrading your fixtures. These quick fixes will help you enjoy a comfortable, well-lit home.

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